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Pastors, Stop Complaining About Sunday Morning Sports

soccerIt’s a common complaint among clergy types, “Sunday morning sports is taking people away from worship!”

This lament and the exasperation that accompanies it goes deeper than just whether a family shows up on a particular Sunday. It is the lament of the loss of the privileged place that the Churchand clergyonce enjoyed in our culture. And in our lament we risk alienating the very young families we seek to engage.

The emergence of Sunday morning sports is just a symbol of a shift that’s happening in our society where the church is no longer accommodated or propped up by our culture.

Clergy lament this. It makes our jobs harder. But, if we are honest, there is something deeper: it is the resentment of the loss a privileged place of not only religious institutions, but Christian institutions, and not just Christian institutions, but Christian people, and the leaders of those people, the professional clergy, us. We are mourning our own diminishing cultural position and privilege. That’s what I hear just under the surface when clergy complain to each other about Sunday morning sportsits the loss of our place, our privilege, our position.

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Clinging to Christendom

The Church of England has a lesson for the Church in America

ninth-inauguration-of-the-007“look beyond the pomp and what you actually see is a group of men clinging to the royal skirts while their institution falls to pieces.” - Cole Martin, The Church of England must relinquish its association with power and pomp

A friend of mine recently tagged this article in the Guardian by Cole Moreton, who describes how the Church of England continues to, as he writes, rather desperately cling to its historic privileged position in English culture, despite the fact that it no longer has the same resources, nor the same place in the public consciousness or popular culture that it once did.

This is extremely instructive for the Church in America too.

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