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My Library is Killing It On Social Media

Using Social Media to Support Your Cause

woburn-library-3My library, the Woburn Public Library, was designed by the renown architect H.H. Richardson in 1897.  It is a beautiful building, but it is too small to meet current demands and the building condition is deteriorating.  The Library recently received a $5 million grant from the Mass Board of Library Commissioners to expand the building, but the majority of the cost, around $16 million, must come from the City of Woburn.  It’s a hard sell in difficult economic times. 

However, the library has redoubled its efforts to secure funding from the City through the Yes To Our Library campaign and they are doing an incredible job using social media to build support and make their case.    It’s a great case study about leveraging social media for your cause.  Here are some of the ways they are doing it:

They tweet at both @woburnlibrary and @yesttoourlibrary.  They tweeted throughout a recent hearing before the City Council.  In addition to tweeting about the discussion, they also tweeted out facts like...

Parts of the library have been closed bdue to ADA compliance issues

The costs to the citizens of woburn to build the expansion: Per year: $67 Per QUARTER: $16.75 Per month $5.58 Per week $1.29

Internet usage at the libray is up 700% in the last 10 years

They posted all their presentations on the Woburn Public Library website.· They even made one file accessible in a public Dropbox folder. (Love Dropbox!)

They have used Flickr to post pictures of building problems:

And what the proposed expansion looks like:

They blog and ask for support, volunteers, and for people to sign their petition on their website Yes To Our Library.· Their work has also been amplified by the extensive coverage of Woburn Patch, a new local media outlet that also uses social media.

They also have a robust Facebook page with general library information and links to the Yes To Our Library campaign.

And they even posted an awareness video on Vimeo:

Woburn Public Library Awareness Film from Woburn Public Library on Vimeo.

The Woburn Public Library is a great institution and they are doing a fantastic job utilizing social media to communicate, build support, and make their case.  Great job!

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