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Best of the Blog 2012: Digital Ministry, Pastoral Transition, and Church Leadership

20122012 was the most challenging and gratifying in my professional career. I published my first book, left one call and accepted another, and relocated our family of six from Boston to Philadelphia. It was a great year to be blogging to document it all.

What I've learned about blogging is that one does not only write a blog to process the present moment, but also to observe how one's own perspective, style, and interests evolve over time.

I blog, in part, to discover what I'm interested in, what seems worth writing about, and to chip away at larger ideas and challenges in 1000 words or less. In short, in blogging, like all writing, I suppose, the thing you learn the most about is yourself.

So, in a new a new tradition (drum roll) here's the best of my blog, 2102 edition:

Here's the 2012 edition of the blog in raw numbers: 

  • 48 posts
  • 36,134 visits, of which 25,670 were new
  • from 25,727 unique visitors
  • who viewed 57,583 pages on the blog

Top five posts:

Here are more highlights organized thematically:

Digging into Digital Ministry

In May, Elizabeth Drescher and I published Click2Save: The Digital Ministry Bible. It was an amazing experience writing, editing, and launching the book. I couldn't have asked for a better partner than Elizabeth. I'm also grateful to our editor, Stephanie Spellers, at Church Publishing for her help, encouragement, and insight.

In the blog I continued to explore the relational, networked, and incarnational nature of digital ministry that we write about in Click2Save:

These were accompanied by practical how-to's about:

Pastoral Transition

In May I announced I would be departing Redeemer for Upper Dublin Lutheran Church. I shared my three key questions about leaving one call and accepting a new one and the role that digital media now play in pastoral transition:

Church Leadership in a Changing Culture

Toward the end of 2012 I began writing more on shifts in culture and leadership—these were among the most popular posts.

Following the death of Steve Jobs, I drew leadership lessons from his life and work, informed by his biography by Walter Isaacson. Jobs symbolized to me leadership in a digitally-integrated world. I wrote that Steve Job's Best Invention was Apple itself, an organization that is able to create amazing products, and Jobs' advice on keeping your passion kindled in order to do great work.

On the intersection of cultural change, declining mainline denominations, and church leadership, I wrote:

And there was plenty more. Feel free to check them out all my posts in the archive.

Above all, thanks for reading! I am deeply grateful for your readership and support!

photo credit: Jenni Douglas

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