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23 September 2012

Social Media Bishop: A Conversation With Bishop Jim Hazelwood

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Jim Hazelwood

Bishop Jim Hazelwood of the New England Synod of the ELCA is using social media to help make his synod more relational and his office as bishop more accessible.

In this video conversation we talk about the ways he is using blogging, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and texting to connect and tell the story of his synod - and to remind us that "we are the synod."

Bishop Hazelwood makes extensive use of video to document his travels, bring greetings when he cannot be somewhere in person, and share what's on his mind and heart. He also relates the story of doing a "Talk and Text" gathering with synod youth, recieving 369 text messages in an hour. His blog, Bishop on a Bike, serves as the hub of his digital ministry and provides a personal, less institutional, way to connect with the bishop.

Bishop Hazelwood is doing great stuff and his practice of digital ministry has great application to people in all ministry settings. The video starts after the jump. Enjoy!

23 June 2011

Take Time This Summer To Review and Improve Your Church Communications. Here's How.

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free social iconsSummertime in the church is often a time to gear back and take stock of our ministry.

We review the last program year and plan the next one. We map out worship, adult education, youth ministry, Confirmation, Sunday School, service projects, and the list goes on.

But what about our communications?

Do we take time to step back and evaluate how we are communicating? Summer is a great time to do this.  Here's how:

15 May 2011

Be Human! (It's Harder Than You Think)

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spockMany argue that social media depersonalizes relationships and dehumanizes ministry. I have found just the opposite.

A few months ago I started a new YouTube video series called the Two Minute Bible Study. I started it on a whim without very much planning. I just started speaking into my webcam about the upcoming Sunday’s readings. One of the first comments came from a good friend of mine.

He said, “I like the video, but I really don’t want to look up your nose the whole time!”  You can see why: 

He wasn’t the only person who felt that way.

My friend Katie Osweiler had the same reaction and she performed what I can only describe as a "YouTube intervention".  Katie is experienced and gifted in video production.  She brought in her own camera to record me at eye level (and at a safe distance), added music, and titles. The production value is a zillion times better.

But the biggest change in the Two Minute Bible Study is the one that is happening inside of me.

21 March 2011

Six Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Preaching

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Insights from my Mutual Ministry Committee

pulpit facing out smallSocial media has made me a better preacher.  At least that’s what my mutual ministry committee tells me.

At our meeting last month, the committee reflected on how my work in social media - and blogging in particular - have really improved my preaching.   Such is the digital age that we live in! 

Here are six ways I think social media has made me - and can make anyone - a better preacher: