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23 March 2012

When We Reduce Evangelism to Membership

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Join Now Former ELCA Presiding Bishop, Herbert Chilstrom, has commented on how the word "evangelical" has been hijacked by more conservative religious and political traditions.  

I don't disagree. However, I think the greater threat to our understanding of what it means to be "evangelical" is not a hijacking at the hands of outsiders, but how the term is being reduced by insiders - by us.

We have reduced "evangelism" to one meaning - the conversion of visitors to members, and the metric of successful evangelism as the rate at which these conversions take place.

14 March 2012

Steve Jobs on Self-Care: Keep Your Passion Kindled

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Steve-JobsMinistry people are kind of obsessed with "self-care." We talk about it a lot and, truth be told, we tend to do a much better job talking about it than actually doing it.

There are all kinds of self-care strategies out there, which can include sprititual direction, retreats, sabbaticals, setting aside time to read and reflect, travel, and continuing education. I've done all of these and they have kept me grounded and well.

Nonetheless, there is something that really bothers me about the way we usually talk about self-care.

06 February 2012

Steve Jobs' Best Invention

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steve-jobs-biographyI recently finished reading the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs and I quite liked it.

I especially enjoyed learning about how many of the Apple products like the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad were created. But my big take away from the Isaacson book was that none of these actually represent Jobs' greatest creation.

Jobs' best invention was Apple - the company - itself.

Apple famously began in Jobs' garage. He and Steve Wozniak hit it big with the Apple II and then really big with the Macintosh. Apple took off, but then Jobs almost destroyed it. His temperment and behavior tore Apple apart until the board had no choice but to fire him. In his wilderness years, he created the NeXT computer system and then found lightening in a bottle with Pixar. His triumphant return and subsequent accomplishments at Apple has been called the greatest second act in business.