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11 December 2012

Should I Stay or Go? Three Questions and Resources for Discerning a New Call

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GoDiscerning whether to seek and accept a new call to ministry is an intense experience.

A myriad of ideas, dreams, and worries swirl around in your head and heart. It can be hard to know your own mind, motives, and true desires, let alone God’s.

In my own experience of deciding to leave one call and take another, these are the three central questions that helped focus my discernment—and the resources that helped me answer them. I hope they can be helpful to you in your own process of discernment.

05 January 2011

The World Doesn't Need Another Blog

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Five Reasons I Blog Anyway

blogThe world doesn’t need another blog.  The internet is saturated with over 200 million blogs about everything under the sun.  At the same time, some studies show that blogs may be a declining medium.  In a recent Pew Internet and American Life study, blogs were the only social media that decreased in usage across all generational categories.  Both the ubiquity and uncertain future of blogging seem to argue against investing the time and attention it takes to maintain a good blog.  Here are six reasons I blog anyway:

08 April 2010

Are Your Social Media and Website in Sync?

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Recently I noticed a congregation making a new push into social media. They started a Twitter feed, a Facebook fan page, and a blog. Good for them! It’s great to see more churches engaging social media.

Their Twitter page had a background image and a link to their church webpage - two best practices for a Twitter page. I was excited. Then I followed the link to their website and my excitement dropped.

Unfortunately, church's website did not reflect the same spirit that their push into social media was trying to convey. Specifically, their welcome statement said quite explicitly that people should go from this website to worship, from worship to fellowship, then from fellowship into a ministry at the church.

Now, the value of social media it allows people to connect with your church in many different ways. It is open and people can decide how they want to connect and participate.  At Redeemer, we have a saying when it comes to newcomers, "Nothing is straightforward and everyone is different."  The same goes for folks engaged in social media.  People come at things in many different ways.  This church’s welcome message immediately takes this wide open portal of social media and narrows it down to a proscribed process. It tells you not just the next step, but the next two after that, and in which order. And they’re telling you what to do.