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29 March 2012

Why I Don't Pray the Bidding Prayer for Jews on Good Friday

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latin-missalThe "bidding prayers" appointed for Good Friday liturgy include this prayer for Jews:

"Let us pray for the Jewish people, the first to hear the word of God. Almighty and eternal God, long ago you gave your promise to Abraham and your teaching to Moses. Hear our prayers that the people you called and elected as your own may receive the fulfillment of the covenant's promises. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen."

It may seem innocuous enough, but this prayer has a long and dark history in the Church.

18 April 2011

I'm Lutheran. She's Jewish. My Interfaith Family Wrestles With Holy Week

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an-old-wooden-cross-photographic-print-c120400861Last year during Holy Week Boston Globe columnist James Carroll issued a stern warning to preachers.

He wrote that although Holy Week is the most sacred time of the year for Christians, it is also the most dangerous -  because Holy Week has often been the cause and occasion for great violence, especially against Jews.

He recounts, as he does at greater length in his book, Constantine’s Sword, the way that Christians have, until relatively recently, blamed Jews for the death of Jesus, and how the passion readings, for centuries, incited people to leave their churches on Good Friday and commit terrible acts of violence against Jews.

It is a haunting legacy that impacts us still. And so, his plea to preachers is this: “preach peace.” Preach peace in Holy Week.

21 November 2010

Seven Things I Learned About Marketing and Life From My Dad

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rickSome people think that marketing is a bad word, particularly when it comes to church.  It’s not for me.

My father was in marketing in one way or another for his entire career.  When I was growing up, he worked at Provident Bank of Maryland.  I used to go with him on visits to bank branches, production meetings, and I even in got to be in a few commercials. 

Later on, my dad went into the radio business, working as a general manager and in sales.  I went on radio remotes, hung out in the office, and even got on the air a couple times.  These are seven great lessons I learned about marketing (and life) from my dad.