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05 March 2013

Pastors, You Are Not Too Busy (or Important) To Exercise

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runnerIt’s a lie we tell ourselves: “I am too busy to exercise. This work is too important.”

Pastors are among the biggest culprits in perpetuating this myth, and not surprisingly suffer from high rates stress, emotional distress, addiction, and burnout. Many pastors sacrifice their short- and long-term health in the name of their ministry, which to them seems too busy and important to pause for even a 30-minute workout. In the end, their ministry suffers and, at times, is even cut short.

I was struck by a recent profile Michael Lewis (author of Moneyball, The Big Short, and The Blind Side) did of President Barack Obama, in which Obama talks about his exercise regimen. Lewis writes,

“When he awakens at seven, he already has a jump on things. He arrives at the gym on the third floor of the residence, above his bedroom, at 7:30. He works out until 8:30 (cardio one day, weights the next)....”

“‘You have to exercise,’ [Obama] said, for instance. ‘Or at some point you’ll just break down.’”

You have to exercise or at some point you'll just break down.

22 November 2011

Facebook Is Not The Fax Machine: Technology and the Pastoral Office

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telegraphI believe one of the major underlying reasons many congregations and pastors are reluctant to adopt social media for ministry is because historically we have had such low expectations when it comes to ministry leaders and technology.

Think about it.

22 February 2011

You're Not My Pastor

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Pastoral Boundaries in Social Media

iStock 000005851826XSmallIts 2001 and I'm in my first class at the Lutheran Seminary in Philadelphia - Professor Tim Wengert’s amazing Lutheran Confessions course. 

At the time, Professor Wengert’s first wife was dying and he opened the class by explaining to us that, though he very much appreciated our concerns and prayers, he did not need or want all us pastor wannabes to try to comfort, console or minister to him.

He already had a pastor.

Those 10 minutes were as good an explanation of pastoral boundaries as I have ever heard.