05 January 2011

The World Doesn't Need Another Blog

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Five Reasons I Blog Anyway

blogThe world doesn’t need another blog.  The internet is saturated with over 200 million blogs about everything under the sun.  At the same time, some studies show that blogs may be a declining medium.  In a recent Pew Internet and American Life study, blogs were the only social media that decreased in usage across all generational categories.  Both the ubiquity and uncertain future of blogging seem to argue against investing the time and attention it takes to maintain a good blog.  Here are six reasons I blog anyway:

For Me

This great video clip with Seth Godin and Tom Peters really got me blogging more intentionally:

So, I blog for me. Some people figure out what they think by talking. I figure out what I think by writing. Blogging is a great way for me to pull the pieces of my own thinking together. I hope that over time it makes me a better writer.

For Mission Interpretation

The blog gives me a place to reflect on our ministry experiences at·Redeemer, put them in context, connect them to other experiences, ideas, and reading - and share it all at the same time.··It allows me say why it is we do what we do.··(See my posts on·our experience of Dinner Church and our·Beer and Hymns night.)

For Feedback and Conversation

I get immediate feedback on my ideas through blog comments, Facebook, and Twitter.·Those comments help me to hone my ideas and take them further.··Based on how people respond, I can tell whether I am on to something or not.

As An Offering

Social media types call this “thought leadership,” which is about becoming recognized in your field and helping to shape the conversation happening there.··That feels like a reach to me.··For me, this is an offering of what I know and what I do to anyone whomever may care, even if its only my mom.··(Hi Mom!)···I include by sabbatical materials, workshop information, links to other good stuff in the hope it might help someone else.

To Document A Changing Church

I’m coming to realize that this is what this blog is really about.··I write about particular topics: social media, spirituality, and church, but what I’m really doing is documenting the ways the church is changing in my lifetime.··Know one knows what the future of the church is going to look like.··One of the most important things we can do is pay close attention to what’s happening right now for how God is moving, what resonates, what works and why.·

Do you blog? Why or why not?··Have you found it useful in your ministry or work?

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