06 March 2012

Six Apps for Simplifying Your Time Online

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One of the best ways to make the most of your time online is to find apps and web services that save you time and that you enjoy using.

These are six of my favorite apps for simplifying some common online and social networking tasks. Share your favorites in the comments.


1password1Password is a great solution for keeping track of all your online logins and creating passwords that are tough to crack so you don't use the same password for everything. It stores all your logins securely in one program. All you have to do is remember one master password to access them all. 1Password has a password generator, so you can create randomized, harder to crack, passwords. It also stores payment information and personal information that can use to fill out online forms. I could not live without it. (Mac, iPhone, PC)


writeroomOne of the challenges with writing on the computer is all the clutter, even within word processing programs themselves. WriteRoom is a basic writing application that removes all the clutter and just gives you a blank page on which to write. There's no formatting, no spell check, nothing. Just words on a page. I've been using WriteRoom for a month for blog writing and love the experience. (Mac)


wrenWren is a sweet little Twitter client that enables quick tweeting without the danger of getting sucked into the Twitter stream as you might on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite. Built in link shortening, and the ability to use multiple accounts and save tweets as drafts for later are nice features, but the simplicity of it all is the best part. (Mac)


tweetbotTweetBot is, by far, my favorite Twitter client for the iPhone. It is beautifully designed and makes all Twitter functionalities immediately available to you. Just tap a tweet and a menu opens below where you can reply, retweet, favorite, link, or email it. It also has customizable tabs at the bottom of the screen, so you can gear the experience to how you use Twitter. (iPhone)

MailChimp EMAIL marketing

mailchimpI've been using Constant Contact email marketing for years for our congregation and I've been very pleased with it. On a whim the other day, I decided to check out MailChimp for my personal use with my blog. I was very impressed. The service is very easy to use and - how to say it - has personality. The instructions are clear, human, and fun. The tools are very intuitive. One great feature for bloggers - you can set up an RSS to Email campaign. Give MailChimp a link to your RSS feed and it will generate and send great looking, customizable emails to your subscribers. (Website)


quicklyticsQuicklytics is a great time saving app. For those who track website or blog traffic using Google Analytics, the standard for measuring the volume and sources of website traffic, Quicklytics is a great way to easily access that data. It pulls all the information from Google together in easy to use, easy to read graphs. It quickly gives you traffic volume from today, yesterday, and the month. Click the graph and you can digger deeper, finding out how your visitors found you and what pages were the most popular. Much easier than logging into Google Analytics. (iPhone)

 What are your favorite apps?

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