29 February 2012

How Digital Ministry Builds Traditional Churches, An Interview

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In this 50-minute wide-ranging interview I talk with The Rev. Chris Yaw from ChurchNext.tv about church websites, social media, digital ministry, welcoming newcomers and reaching out beyond our congregations. I really enjoyed the conversation, which we did via Skype. Chris has many great interviews on his site including Bishop Mike Rinehart, Phyllis Tickle, Stephanie Spellers, Maggi Dawn, and many, many more. (The video begins with a short ad. The rest is all interview. Enjoy.)

Chris writes, "Traditional churches tend to be late adapters to new technology, taking our time to do it right. And Lutheran pastor Keith Anderson says that time is now. Keith, co-author of the upcoming book Click2Save: The Digital Ministry Bible, gives us some tips on what kind of Internet involvement may be appropriate for established churches. In this interview, Keith shares encouraging words about how relationships can be built and solidified through online, church-based conversations." 

How are technology and social media shaping your ministry?

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