A Disclaimer, Of Sorts

Sentimentalists BookThe opinions here are mine and mine alone.  Beyond that, this kind of says it all...

"And so in these pages, I have also tried to record what I know to be true; the truth, anyway, as it exists at this, my own particular intersection of it; at this singular and otherwise obscure point along its complicated and transitional course.  As it pauses here, I mean, almost imperceptibly, and for only so long, before continuing on, in its uncountable directions.

"I think now that's really the most - the best - we can do: answer the questions that pose themselves to us, and describe, if only to ourselves, the things that we have loved, and believed in, and the actions that we have or would have liked to have taken, and will take now, and do take, over and over again, in the quiet parts of our minds."

- Johanna Skibsrud, The Sentimentalists