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Co-authored with Elizabeth DrescherClick2Save: The Digital Ministry Bible, is a hands-on guide to using social media in ministry. Click was published in 2012 by Morehouse Press, a division Church Publishing, the publishing house of The Episcopal Church.

My forthcoming book on ministry leadership in a digitally-integrated world is called The Digital Cathedral: Networked Ministry in a Wireless World (Morehouse, 2015).

Articles and posts

Digital Cathedral Five-Part Series for the New Media Project

"Five Must-Reads on Religion and Social Media" for Religion Dispatches (December 2013)

"#firstcenturyproblems (Matthew 1:18-25)" for the Odyssey Networks ONScripture series (December 2013)

"@Pontifex Signs Off: Exploring Benedict's Digital Media Legacy" for the New Media Project (January 2013)

"Reverent Acknowledgement" for the New Media Project at Union Seminary (January 2012)

"Feast of the Digitally-Integrated Incarnation" for the New Media Project at Union Seminary (December 2011)

Reflections"Where Two or More are Gathered" about integrating social media and pastoral ministry appeared in the Fall 2011 edition of Yale Divinity School's Reflections.

"Welcoming Newcomers to Our Congregation" appeared in the ELCA Seeds for the Parish in Spring 2011. Seeds of the Parish, Spring 2011

"The Culture Isn't Killing the Church. Our Grief Is" "Four Things I Learned About Marketing (And Life) From My Dad" and "Top 10 Learnings About Welcoming Newcomers" and "Stop Complaining About Sunday Morning Sports" have appeared in the Lewis Center for Church Leadership Leading Ideas Newsletter

Several blog posts reposted at ELCA Living Lutheran website